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News and Updates

Federal News

PUBLIC COMMENT PERIOD on proposed changes to waters covered under the Clean Water Act 

  • EPA and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers jointly released a proposed rule redefining the streams and wetlands that are covered by the Clean Water Act.  Changes in the definition of waters that are covered under the Clean Water Act could greatly impact agriculture.  The public comment period is open until October 20, 2014.  
  • Differing Views:  EPA maintains that little is changed in the waters that are covered, and that many agricultural exemptions remain in place.  Others maintain that the proposed rule will greatly expand the waters that are covered under the Clean Water Act and will require farmers to get permits before implementing many basic agricultural practices such as the installation of terraces, etc.  
  • Information from EPA is available at:  A presentation by EPA Acting Assistant Administrator, Nancy Stoner is available at:
  • Information against the proposed rule is available at:  Click here to see a point-by-point response to Nancy Stoner's presentation.
  • To submit a comment on the proposed rule, please go to: and scroll down to "Public Comment Period Open Until October 20, 2014"

State News

Tools for Record Keeping

  • A spreadsheet to help with record-keeping and nutrient management planning is now available.  Click here to download the spreadsheet.  
  • The Critical Records for Animal Production (C.R.A.P.) App is now available in the Apple iTunes Store.  This app is designed to help keep needed manure application records and corresponds with the nutrient management planning spreadsheet.