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News and Updates

AFO/CAFO Workshops -- 

  • Regulations affecting AFOs and CAFOs are now finalized.  These rules affect all livestock producers that have any livestock in confinement for a total of 45 days each year.  Workshops covering the changes in the regulations and the options available to producers were held in early 2015.
  • Topics included:
    • Changes in the federal regulations
    • Permit & compliance options for AFOs
    • Agricultural Certificate of Environmental Stewardship
    • Other rules to be aware of
    • Common compliance problems and how to avoid them
    • Permit & compliance options for CAFOs
  • Copies of the presentations can be found here.
  • For more information, please contact your local Extension office, or Rhonda Miller, Ph.D. at 435-797-3772 or

State News

Tools for Record Keeping

  • A spreadsheet to help with record-keeping and nutrient management planning is now available.  Click here to download the spreadsheet.  
  • The Critical Records for Animal Production (C.R.A.P.) App is now available in the Apple iTunes Store.  This app is designed to help keep needed manure application records and corresponds with the nutrient management planning spreadsheet.